St Peter's Hospice - Photo by Rachel Goodchild
We are proud to be supporting St Peter's Hospice this year. St Peter’s Hospice is Bristol’s only adult hospice. It cares for those with life limiting illnesses in the city and surrounding area, as well as supporting their families through what can be physically and emotionally challenging times.

To run the whole hospice for 1 minute costs £12.50. The whole hospice consists of the hospice buildings, all community services (which is 80% of the work the charity does), all supplies, salaries, etc.

St Peter's Hospice - Photo by Rachel Goodchild

For £12.50 per minute, St Peter's Hospice: 

Provides care from Clevedon to Thornbury, Almondsbury to Yatton, and Portishead to Keynsham. Provides bereavement support, community nursing in patients’ homes, and art therapy. Cares for patients in their Inpatient Unit, helps Day Hospice patients with fatigue and breathlessness, and offers physiotherapy for those struggling to retain movement and independence. £12.50 per minute funds every single aspect of Hospice care across Bristol. You may also be interested to know that running costs amount to £18,000 a day, out of which only £4,000 comes from the government. This means that St Peter's Hospice fundraisers have to find the rest themselves, which they manage to do from the generosity of their supporters, through fundraising, donations, corporate support and purchases from their charity shops.

It costs St Peter's Hospice £650.00 to pay for one patient to stay 24 hours in their inpatient unit. We can all help them by donating to their 'Give Us A Minute' campaign (see video below).