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Every exhibitor has kindly donated one lovely gift to the St Peter's Hospice Raffle.
You could have the chance of winning one or even some of these beautiful prizes to help with your Christmas shopping, whilst also supporting the charity.

If you are a local company and you are not exhibiting, but you would like to donate to the raffle, please contact us via the contact form to your left. We are happy for any product that is donated as we would like to raise as much as we can for this great charity.

A bottle of Sloe Gin 
donated by exhibitor Heavenly Hedgegrows

A vintage silver spoon hook
donated by exhibitor Oh my Lovely

A signed copy of 'Maisey and the magical meadow'
donated by exhibitor Bethany Wivell 

A leather card wallet & key holder
donated by exhibitor Custard Designs

Sterling silver Colour Dot pendants
donated by exhibitor Colour Designs

'Taking a Break'  giclee print RRP £24.00
donated by exhibitor Linen Prints

Solid sterling silver and Swarovski beads
donated by exhibitor Amy R Lee

Polymer clay bracelet
donated by exhibitor Caroline Casswell

A gold Cat Pendant - RRP £105.00
donated by exhibitor Vicky Davies

A small gift packaged chocolate cake
donated by exhibitor Chocolate Delores Cakes

A4 puffin print RRP £15.00
donated by exhibitor Ben Rothery

A gift voucher for a 9" decorated cake RRP £30 
donated by local company Paradise Cakes

Chocolate Christmas Landscape - RRP £12
donated by exhibitor Cocoalibra

6 Christmas decorations RRP £15
donated by exhibitor Blue Box Studio

A digital print of Fairbairn Steam Crane on fuchsia - RRP £30.00
donated by exhibitor Lisa Maylon

A German hand-crafted and beautifully painted candle holder
donated by exhibitor Gabriel's Gifts

A set of Mini Traditional Gumball Stockings - RRP £23.85
donated by exhibitor Felt So Good

A Framed, hand-painted print
donated by exhibitor HanMade

Tea towel
donated by exhibitor As the Crow Flies

A signed copy of ‘Worrall and Robin’ book
donated by exhibitor Linda Alvis

A selection of Festive Gift Wrap and Tags

A Set of Festive Gift Bags

A Set of Festive Wine Gift Bags

A Set of Festive Gift Boxes