28 Sep 2015


Introducing the work of As the Crow Flies, the trading name of artist, Bee Hayes. Formerly a fashion designer, Bee now works in hand built and hand thrown ceramics, with a strong accent on surface decoration, starting her own business in 2013. Earthenware (pictured right) is true to its rustic, hand thrown, salt of the earth origins with traditional slip decoration and sgraffito techniques used to capture original botanical motifs. 

Porcelain  thrown  ware  (above  left  and  right)  comprises  a  delicate  range  of  vessels exploring a more refined approach, using freehand brush work in stains and oxides. Hand built porcelain doilyware (above centre) uses a technique which stresses the thinly rolled porcelain producing a tremulous warping effect in the firing process, enhanced by embellishment with imprints of antique lacework that are hand coloured before glazing. Each piece is produced in house by the artist in her studio in Bristol