13 Oct 2014


Bristol jeweller, Melanie Pike, hand crafts contemporary jewellery using traditional metal smithing techniques.  She is best known for incorporating found objects and vintage ephemera into her pieces, appreciating the charm and preciousness of recycled and humble materials. She creates one-offs and small runs of highly wearable pieces. Inspired by the spirit of ancient artefacts, her pieces are quirky and distinctive. 

In her commission work, she turns customers' own treasures into wearable art - transforming tiny, cherished items into very personal pieces, amulets rich in personal association for the wearer. Pike's  wearable  assemblages  celebrate  the  sacred  at the  heart  of  the everyday.  They were selected  for  the 160th  and  161st Autumn  Open Exhibitions  at  the  Royal  West  Of  England  Academy  and  have  recently featured in the US book 'Behind the Brooch'.  


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