1 Oct 2014


Caroline has been a maker pretty much all her life, greatly encouraged by her mother who was a potter. She specialised, initially, as a mosaic artist, and it was while caring for her father that she had to find a more portable and contained way of working and Polymer clay became the new medium with a similar scope for exploring with colour, 

Over the last 6 years through constant experimentation Caroline has developed her skills to a professional level. Her understanding of the processes and her use of colour has finally found the perfect home in the pieces she makes. Her work is a celebration of colour and her jewellery and mosaics reflect her passion for it, in all its striking and surprising combinations.

All pieces are unique and therefore when people are choosing or commissioning an item ~ Caroline hopes she would be able to make the perfect one that expresses their personality.

For the past 4 years she has enjoyed demonstrating the skills she uses in her work, in both workshop and art fair settings, she enjoys the curiosity and questions that come her way as people are usually surprised to discover how she creates the fine detail in the beads. She never tires of the potential that both these art forms bring to her creativity and she looks forward optimistically to each day.



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