29 Oct 2013


Joanna Swan's new range of vintage style adornments are beautifully romantic and colourful. She has been making unique, necklaces and earrings for 25 years as a passionate side job to her career as a singer and songwriter and her vibrant, eye-catching creations have gained a lot of local fans. In the midst of her 5th album, Joanna is very busy with music this year, so if you want to buy some of her new designs (starting fro £6 and upwards) Bradbury Hall is the place!

"I use all sorts of beads - I am not a snob, I like to mix all mediums, ranging from hand made kiln wound glass, to gemstones, pearls, plastic, wood and old vintage bits and bobs I have been storing in my nest. I get such a thrill seeing people out and about in my jewellery that I have to stop myself from running up to them and saying - "Hey I made that!  ... give it back"  ... (the last bit's a joke!)