10 Oct 2012


The company of award-winning British designer Ella Doran specializes in the surface design of distinctive home accessories and furnishings. In the 1990s Ella Doran made a name for herself with colourful placemats and coasters, creating innovative designs through her recognizable photography-based images and patterns.

Stimulated by an ongoing close collaboration with retailers and manufacturers, the Ella Doran product portfolio of modern home accessories and colourful homewares has since expanded considerably. Besides placemats and coasters, it now includes trays, ceramic tableware, cushions and umbrellas as well as paper products, such as diaries, greeting cards, calendars, gift wrap/bags and wallpapers. 
Drawing inspiration from the world around her, at home or abroad, Ella Doran creates new designs every season for her portfolio of home accessories and furnishing. All of her designs are suffused by her passion for colour, texture and the effects of sunlight. Ella insists on using high-quality materials that enhance the meaning of her designs, which often play with cultural icons and associations.

Ella Doran designs are sometimes nostalgic, as for instance this season’s popular PorTables collection of ‘vintage portable record players’ for cushions and placemats, or timeless, such as the iconic ‘sunlight through leaves’ design for wallpapers and roller blinds. 


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