2 Oct 2012


Born in 1970 in Merseyside, Adrian moved to the South West to study at Bath College of Fine Art. He left early to pursue a career in Music at Leeds College of Music and has been a professional flautist in a number of bands for the last 20 years. Adrian also studied Tabla in Varanasi, India. As a young man he busked and painted my way across Europe, capturing the great buildings with chalked pavement pieces.

Adrian continued to practice his art, largely through commission work, but it wasn’t until he moved to Bristol and full-time into the Stokes Croft Studios in 2005 that he embarked on a fully-fledged professional career, at first showing at arts trails and markets across the South-West and London and then moving steadily into major exhibitions. Winning ‘The Bath Prize’ in 2010 gave him the serious validation he was waiting for from the art world. He has lived in Merseyside, Ireland, Yorkshire and am now based in Bristol.

Adrian's extensive portfolio of work covers a wide range of form and images; from his explorations of light and dark in the intricately detailed black and white drawings, to the fascinating land of the imagination where he transports the viewer into a world of darkly humorous and quirky characters as they play out their wit on the paper.

In Adrian's cityscapes, he hopes to capture the essence of places, the extraordinary and ordinary aspects of great cities without laboring on the mundane, hence the playful moving of buildings and eliminations to suit the final condensed composition, very much in the ‘Capriccio’ style. He seeks to achieve the sense of standing on an ordinary rooftop overlooking backyards and every day life, being able to observe a place’s highlights whilst being removed from them.

Adrian stamps my idiosyncratic style on his favoured subjects: giving buildings a splash of a figure, and shine on them a new and appealing light. His paintings often pay homage to the beauty and diversity of the varied areas in which he has lived and travelled, including the great landscapes of France, Italy and the tremendous cityscapes of London, Bath, Bristol & New York.

Finalist in BBC2 TV series “Show Me The Monet”, 

The Mall Galleries, ‘12

Overall Winner “The Bath Prize”, ‘10

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