23 Jul 2011


The Organiser for Christmas at the Orangery is now on holiday. Any emails regarding this event will be replied, but after August 8th. 

If you are interested in having a stall for 2011 we are now booked up with lots of companies. Do try next year though: for more details click HERE.

Companies exhibiting at the Christmas at the Orangery 2011 show will be announced after August 8th (lots of wonderful things coming your way).

12 Jul 2011


We are now completely full up with exhibitors for Christmas at the Orangery 2011. Thank you to all the great companies who have been sending in application forms over the last few weeks. Submissions for the Christmas at the Orangery are now closed. There is a fantastic selection to choose from. However, once again, we have way more applicants than we do tables. I shall be in touch with you all very soon. 

Do try again next year: 
Applications for next year will be open in June 2012